Full Tour

Duration: 2.5 hours

Location: Knysna

Sanlam Center

Try your hand at a game of pool, take on the youngsters at the video arcade, and stop for a bite to eat at the cafe. The food is cheap and delicious and the vetkoek is not to be missed!

Township walk

Walk along the winding paths leading between the houses and admire some of the magnificent views. Along the way you might acquire a following of small children and dogs curious about the tourists.

Children's creche

These talented children can sing in three languages! Donations of books, arts and crafts and educational toys are much welcomed.

Women of vision

A community project where women make and sell African artwork.

Gerald's home

Take a peak at what the houses look like from the inside. If you ask ahead you might even get to stay for a braai with Gerald and his lovely wife and children.


Finish the afternoon's trip by putting your feet up and having a nice cold drink at the shebeen.


Arrange ahead and join Gerald at Sunday worship in one of the many local churches.

"Nobody knows who the chickens belong too - until they try to steal one, then they quickly find out!"